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Nov 3, 2013 3:00pm EST
with us the last three hours. >> guest: thank you. >> c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979, brought to you as a public service by your television provider. >> mark lee gardener recalls the life of outlaw jesse james next on booktv. mr. gardener recounts the infamous james-younger-gains robbery of the first national bank of northfield, minnesota, on september 7, 1876, and the two week manhunt that followed. this is an hour and ten minutes. >> y'all didn't know you were going to get a show tonight, but it is friday night, so got to have some kind of a show. you know, i've found that the best time machine is music. books are a close second, and i really try to transport the reader back in time with my books, but music gets you there instantly, you know? you hear a bob dylan song, you're back in the '60s, you hear a stephen foster song, you're back in the 19th century. so let's go back in time to 19th century missouri when even during the worst of times in a civil war and later the notorious james-younger game, people had great songs and great music that they sang. .. ♪ ♪
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1